Our Model

The evidence is too strong to ignore. Boys and girls learn differently and benefit from single gender education. Some believe single gender schools have a detrimental impact on social growth. Our answer is a coeducational campus with single gender classrooms. At Barat, boys and girls interact regularly at morning announcements, lunch, Service Learning, school dances, and a host of other activities. However, when it comes to the classroom, they are single gender and our students are distracted less and participate more.

Over the last decade, nationwide and internationally, a continued increase in the boy-girl literacy gap has caused schools to consider separating boys and girls in reading and writing classes. Likewise, the goal of helping girls be more successful in math, science, and technology has led to more girls-only classes in these subjects in both public and private schools.
— Michael Gurian, Boys and Girls Learn Differently, 2011

Paradoxically Sax says, gender-neutral education favors the learning style of one sex or the other and so only drives men and women into the usual stereotyped fields.
— Stanley Kurtz, National Review Online on Why Gender Matters by Leonard Sax

Further Reading

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