College PrepAratory

As a college preparatory school, our mission is to ensure each of our student graduates fully prepared for the rigors of the most demanding college setting.  Moreover, our mission is to instill in each of our students a strong sense of community and a passion for learning that will last a lifetime.

Our Classroom

Single Gender Classes  

Studies are now showing students perform better academically in single gender classes.  The single gender classroom lends itself to a greater learning environment where students feel more comfortable and participate much more than in conventional classrooms.


Barat Academy is the only high school in St. Louis to offer single gender classrooms on a co-ed campus.


Our students benefit from the social engagement of a co-ed campus and are better able to engage and concentrate academically in single gender classrooms. 


Small Classes

The student-teacher relationship is another critical component of academic success. By keeping our class sizes small, we ensure each of our student receives the time and attention necessary to build an effective student-teacher relationship.


Our maximum class size is
18 students



The use of modern information technology is essential to a 21st century education. Using a variety of software and web applications, our students make extensive use of their laptops in and out of the classroom. 

Academic Advisory

The goal of the advisory program is to develop communication between advisors, teachers, parents and school administration that is regular, informative and meaningful.  All Barat Academy students are assigned an advisor.  Advisors are committed to the academic and social growth of their advisees and they help their advisees develop a sense of "self", as well as a sense of class unity and responsibility.

Service Learning

In keeping with the traditions set by Madeleine Sophie Barat and the Society of the Sacred Heart, service to others is a core part of the curriculum and an integral part of a Barat Academy education.  Students work together on campus and at designated sites throughout our community to provide essential support to our area elderly, youth in need and the environment.  The program culminates senior year with the student led Senior Peace Project where senior students design and implement their own social justice program.


We provide a rigorous curriculum that establishes in each of our students the strong educational foundation necessary for success at the most demanding colleges.  All of our courses are college preparatory courses and we provide a rich set of Advanced Placement courses.  For a comprehensive description of the courses take a look at our Course Catalog.