Stewards of Change - House Penny Drive 2019

Stewardship | House pride | Friendly Competition

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Over the years the Barat Academy community has done a great job of fostering stewardship towards Barat Academy.  This year we continue to build the tradtion with this fun way to continue this stewardship and at the same time create a friendly competition among the houses. 

Donate to Amiens
Donate to Grenoble
Donate to Joigny
Donate to Sacre Coeur

How does our Stewards of Change House Penny drive work? 

Every day from Wednesday April 24th until Friday, May 10th at 4pm, the four house jars will be available to accept change.  At Morning Prayer, during lunch and all day in the Student Office.  Students, faculty, alumni and friends of Barat can all contribute to the house jars. Online donations will be represented in our "Virtual House Jars".

Pennies are positive points.  Adding a penny to your House jar is equal to one point.  

The strategy throughout this competition comes with the contribution of silver and paper money. 

Silver coins such as nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, silver dollars and paper bills are negative points. If you add one of these to another House jar, it subtracts penny points in the denomination amount.  Checks should indicate if the dollar amount is to be counted as pennies or dollars.

At the end of each week (April 26, May 3 and May 10) the points will be counted for each jar.  The house with the most positive points will win first place, the house with the second highest positive points will win second place for that week and so on.  If all houses are in the negative for points in any given week, the house with the lowest negative point total wins first place and so one. 

All proceeds from this competition will go toward the general operations of Barat Academy, student scholarships and the WE Walk for Water campaign.

Current house standings prior to the Penny War are as follows: 1st place=Grenoble, 2nd place=Amiens, 3rd place=Joigny and 4th place=Sacre Coeur, however it’s a tight race and any house could win!