Barat Students Earn Top Honors at Regional Science Fair

Every year, about 55,000 kids in the St. Louis prepare projects to be evaluated at their schools. This year, almost 2,700 projects went to the Academy of Science regional competition. That's 4% of the top science students, and Barat academy was represented among those top students! Twenty projects, made by 35 of our students, went on to the regional competition. That is 43% of all our students are in the top 4% of science students in the city!

The results from this weeks judging are in. Barat was awarded 8 third place, 3 second place, and *9* first place blue ribbons! Those are nine projects in the top 1% of all the projects made this year in St. Louis! The blue ribbon winners are as follows:

1. Charge it! By Sean Graham
2. Plants and Caffeine, by Aina Gadzhieva
3. Splitting the Brain, by Ryan Graham, Josh Hance, and Jack Allison
4. Identify the Criminal, by Claire Troxell
5. Bottle rocket reaction, by Bryan Ritchey, Aaron Hall, and Micah Kuan
6. Spatter Matters, by Ryan Joehl
7. It's Glass shattering, by Hannah Bryne, Grace Yin, and Helen Lyu
8. Growing plants using a photobioreceptor, by Ellie Schmerber
9.  Microbial fuel cell, by Dylan Barclay and Clayton Hill

The Academy Fair is also visited by professionals from about 30 companies and organizations in the STL area. They are there to evaluate innovation and significant work by their own specialists. Projects selected by these companies receive special awards, including money, scholarships gifts and/or special certification. Not only did Microbial Fuel Cell win a first place blue ribbon at the Academy Fair, but they also won 1 of the 3 special awards selected by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers!

Congratulations winners! You have made us all proud! Thank you also to the faculty mentors of all our projects, Paul Mollinger, Tina Henning, Marie Hoffman, and Doc Ruscillo. Thank you students for great projects this year.