Olivia Hall

Skippy Keefer Participation & Sportsmanship Award

Barat Academy is proud to announce three members of the senior class are nominees for the Skippy Keefer Award.  This award given annually in honor of Skippy Keefer, longtime athletic director at John Burroughs School and one of the founders of the Metro Women's Athletic Association (MWAA), is given annually to a senior female athlete within the MWAA league who exemplifies the qualities of athletic participation and excellence in sportsmanship.

Maria Montgomery has played an integral part in the athletic program at Barat Academy.  Her participation in multiple sports over 4 years is admirable.  Maria has participated in 4 years of tennis, 4 years of basketball, and she will complete 4 years in lacrosse by the end of this year.  Maria is respected by her coaches, peers, and teachers.   In tennis Maria set a first for Barat’s 8 year old tennis program.

Maria and her doubles partner qualified for State Tennis in doubles.  After losing a first round match to the State Doubles champions Maria and her partner fought through hours of tie breaking matches and ultimately finished 8th in State but Maria set a new benchmark for the Barat Academy tennis program.

 She is hard-working, responsible and helpful to others at all times.

She is a true team player who balances her competitive drive with her ability to put others first.

Katie Kruse has dedicated her high school career to building Barat Athletics into a highly respected program.  Most 9th graders try out for sports they played in middle school.  Not Katie.  Katie’s pioneering spirit sent her into 2 sports she had never played before high school:  Field Hockey and Lacrosse.

Add 4 years of basketball to that resume and Katie has participated in 12 varsity seasons.  She has received MWAA and All District awards in all three and she hopes to play lacrosse in college. Katie has been consistent and determined to improve the success of each team on which she has participated. Katie’s self- confidence stands out on every team.  She is a role model in not only athletics but in her personal life.  

Olivia Hall is the type of student-athlete you want on every team.   She leads by example both on and off the field.  She has participated in field hockey for 4 years and will complete 3 years of soccer by the end of this year.  During the winter months Olivia is NOT taking a break or taking it easy.  She is active in Barat’s theatre program and performing arts program.  Olivia is an athlete who exemplifies the words servant – leader.  Every week Olivia volunteers at Gym Quarters to help young children learn the skills of gymnastics. Liv, as she is called by many, was a gymnast but due to injury could not pursue the sport she loved.  Instead she turned disappointment into service and service into action.

She leads by example always displaying the characteristics of true sportsmanship, fair play, and respect for others. When she wins she wins with class and when she loses she loses with grace. Olivia will continue her education at Truman University where she will participate in gymnastics and the University’s   intramural program.

Congratulations to all of our nominees!