Barat Success at St. Louis Science Fair

Barat Academy did very well in the 2018 St. Louis Science Fair. Fourteen projects were submitted, and of those, we received nine third place ribbons, two second place ribbons, and a two first place ribbons. We are also very proud to receive a special award from the Society of American Engineers, St. Louis Post who awarded Catherine Murphy Fowler, Bri Vitale and Kenny Etling a monetary prize along with the Special District Commander’s Award - well done Team! Congratulations also to Sean Graham and to Lauren Barrett who each received a first place ribbon for their fine projects, and to Dylan Barclay, Clayton Hill, Alayna Parsons, Addie Grapperhaus, Grace Weeks, Margaret VanSant, Emily Albers and Ryan Joehl for their second place ribbon. Alex Floyd also achieved second place – congratulations!


Barat Prep saw victories submitting projects for their first year! From five projects submitted, our students were awarded a first place and a second place ribbon. Congratulations to Nate Broyles for bringing home Barat Prep’s first blue ribbon from the St. Louis Science Fair and to Genevieve Broyles for our first second place ribbon. We are also very proud of Mary Kate Lewis, Duncan Brown, and Jimmy Webb for submitting projects.