Davis Selected for Summer Talent Academy for Profession in Health (STAPH)

Mia Davis '19 has been slected to participate in the summer STAPH Program at Truman State University.  The Summer Talent Academy for Professions in Health (STAPH) offers highly-talented students interested in science and health a head start on college life and future careers in medicine and allied health professions. Students live as college students while exploring the work of medical professionals: they move into a residence hall, adapt to living with a roommate, eat dorm food, make new friends, attend classes, and—most importantly—they work with highly regarded faculty and health professionals from Truman State University and A.T. Still University of Health Sciences—home of the very first college of Osteopathic Medicine.

Many rising high school juniors and seniors benefit from this intensive experience challenging them academically and stimulating their interest in health professions. The primary goal of STAPH is, that students leave with an increased appreciation for the excitement of learning, increased engagement with topics in health, and a meaningful sampling of the college experience. Along the way  they will grow both academically and socially as they interact with other high-ability students from across the country and that they will develop a new enthusiasm for careers in health.

Congratulations to Mia!