Hill Selected to Missouri Scholars Academy

Since 1985, the State of Missouri has conducted the Missouri Scholars Academy, a summer program for gifted high school students about to begin their junior year.  This academy is a three-week, residential summer program held on the Columbia campus of the University of Missouri.  It provides unique opportunities for students to enhance their academic skills; assimilate the accumulated knowledge of their culture; relate to contemporary issues; deepen the understanding of themselves and their unique abilities; and engage with others in critical thinking and problem-solving activities.

One student is chosen from the sophomore class and, with parental permission, begins a rather rigorous application process.  From all the 10th graders, across the State of Missouri, a total of 330 individuals will be chosen for what is described as the premiere academic program for sophomores in Missouri and just because you apply it is not assumed you will be chosen.

Barat Academy’s Missouri Scholars Academy awardee this year is Clayton Hill.  We offer Clayton our sincerest congratulations.