As the class of 2016 prepares for graduation it brings to mind that alumni will be visiting our campus in the coming weeks to celebrate commencement. Their visits cause us to reflect on what are our graduates are doing to live the LearnLife Goals of Love, Learn Serve, Build, Grow. 

A few Barat alumni have honed their Journalism skills, writing thoughtful and thought provoking articles for the Odyssey. The website describes it as “a social content platform that discovers and shares a chorus of millennial voices, amplified organically through social media.” We invite you to take a few minutes to peruse the works of our Barat millennials, Sarah Lammers ’14, Ryan Crawford ’14 and Ryan Meyer ’14 and Victoria Murray '13. 

Most recently Ryan Meyer,  Avila University baseball player, and die-hard Cardinals fan, wrote an article about the Kansas City Royals that touched more than a few nerves.  It’s good to know our alumni are still challenging those around them through the written word!  We are proud of you! To view alumni articles click here for Sarah Lammers, here for Ryan Crawford, here for Ryan Meyer and here for Victoria Murray.