Musicians Honored

Congratulations to eight of our outstanding musicians who participated in the District Solo and Ensemble Festival over the weekend.  Addie Grapperhaus (Bass Clarinet), Christina Faucher (Flute) and Hannah Byrne (Clarinet) performed as a trio and as individuals.  Hannah Byrne earned a perfect score with her individual performance of Brahams Sonata on her clarinet moving her on to the State Solo and Ensemble Festival later this spring.

Jermy Liang and Scrida Yang performed beautiful violin duet, along with Clayton Hill's stirring individual rendition of Mozart's Piano Concerto.

Aaron Hall and Maddie Mullen each performed individual pieces on the cello.  Maddie's perfect score playing Bach's Suite earned her the right to move on to the State Solo and Music Ensemble.  Additionally Maddie performed as a vocalist. Her renditions of Se tu m'ami and The Black Swan earned her the right to perform at the State Level.

We are so proud of all of our musicians and their contribution to our performing arts program!