AP Instructor Mr. Adam White Selected For Prestigious Award

We are pleased to announce Mr. Adam White has been selected for the prestigious Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award not only for what he has already contributed to our school, but for what we are confident he will do to shape the future of education in St. Louis.

For three years, Adam White has taught numerous history courses at Barat Academy. His ability to challenge his students to higher levels of thinking results in students who question, analyze and articulate clear visions for a national and global society of hope for the future and innovative solutions to problems facing our country and our world.

Adam boasts a record of strong student scores on AP exams in a variety of courses, and though those courses are quite rigorous, even struggling students seek them out because of the engaging, creative, and meaningful learning Adam offers. And because of the hours of extra attention he provides before and after school, over lunch, and during his planning periods, even Adam’s struggling students master the most challenging content and skills.

A quick study himself, Adam integrates the most effective technology applications and instructional strategies that he brings from the professional development he routinely seeks out on his own. In fact, this year, he is piloting a mastery curriculum in is AP Microeconomics course, offering a truly student-centered, differentiated learning experience for all of his students. To date, his approach has met with great enthusiasm from students and parents. Nonetheless, Adam continually seeks even more precise validation of his pilot, engaging in high-level analysis of formative and summative assessment data to evaluate his approach.

Not only do students benefit from Adam’s dedication to his craft, but his colleagues also routinely seek him out for advice and encouragement. His natural enthusiasm and curiosity energizes them, and his cooperative, collegial approach attracts new teachers and veterans alike.