Barat Juniors Focus on Leadership with FOCUS St. Louis

Youth Leadership St. Louis (YLSL), a program of FOCUS St. Louis, empowers the region's youth to become future community leaders. Founded in 1989, YLSL is a program for high school juniors that develops leadership skills, promotes teamwork among diverse groups, and provides a deeper understanding of the St. Louis region.  Juniors Bryan Ritchey, Courtney Borich, Rachel Bohn and Henry Christopher are representing Barat Academy.

YLSL brings students together from approximately 30 urban, suburban, rural, public, private, and parochial schools from throughout the region, as well as the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri and the Purina PALS program. The students learn how to take leadership roles, appreciate each other's differences, cooperate, and lead with other students from different backgrounds and experiences. YLSL is the area’s only established inter-district high school program that is non-competitive in nature.

Friday and Saturday our juniors took part in themed days, "Experiencing St. Louis: A Day in the City Neighborhoods and on Saturday Exploring Healthcare: SLU School of Medicine."  Karen Albers, Director of Students says, "the opportunity for Barat Academy to be part of the Youth Leadership St. Louis program has been incredible.  Our students and our school will benefit tremendously from the hands-on experiences we will be taking part in all year long."