BA Buy, Sell & Trade

This site is designed to help members of the Barat Community buy, sell and/or trade school related items with ease.  

Follow these easy steps and we will post your items for selling and/or trading.

1) Prepare a picture and a description of your item(s). A jpg is preferred for pictures. 

2) State whether you want to sell or trade your item(s).  If you are selling, please provide an item price.

3) Provide the following Contact Information: Name, Phone Number, Email.  Communication will be directly between the seller and the buyer only.  Barat Academy does not assist in the transaction.

4)  Submit all of the above to  for approval and placement on this webpage.

All sales, purchases and trades are at the discretion of the participants of the transaction.  Barat Academy makes no representations or warranties in relation to the items displayed on this webpage.